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Crossing Lines For Love A non-Profit Charity 501 c3

We are American Patriots Helping Our Veterans and Civilians win the battles of Addiction together we are strong.

We know the disease of addiction doesn't stop because of a pandemic of Coronavirus 

so are remaining available to help those struggling with addiction and to stop the spread of the Corona Virus among our homeless and their communities.








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-Dr. Bruce Lipton

"What we think, we become"

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Upcoming Events

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    The pandemic doesn't stop addiction Help stop the spread of the Corona Virus in the homeless community
    crossing lines for love
    Time is TBD
    crossing lines for love, All communities.
    (We are "now" helping to provide food to the homeless and helping those that need our help to get off the streets in hopes to self quarantine and help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus to their Friends or Families. Addiction doesn't stop in a Pandemic .Our Vets and all Communities are welcome.
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Meditation Class


CROSSING LINES FOR LOVE is a 501 c3 non-profit charity 

  We want to be there for you when you're ready to grab hold of your life again and begin the journey using your strength to save your own life. We want to help.  We know you can do it.  Let's start together. We know you need housing, food, clothes, car.  Everyone has a story we want to hear yours,

Were you in the Middle East?   Are you a Civilian or a Veteran? We are here for both we all matter.  We are awake and understand that Many Veterans are coming home with addiction and we want to help you  We understand a lot of the opiates are coming out of Middle East that has found its way into the USA .  You're not lost unless you hide. Your country mattered to you and you matter to your country.

Veterans and Civilian 
 No one is left behind. 

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