The Vision

The Vision

Crossing Lines For Love.Org is helping our Veterans and civilians get their lives back one step at a time. We are working side by side to conquer addiction right here in our own back yards. We are here for you. We are crossing the lines with love to help you when you may have crossed the lines of addiction with friends and family. Everyone has a story we want to hear yours and help you.  Together we are strong

Feel the good energy around you 

Our Mission

Our Mission, Our purpose and passion are to empower you and your family with the help of the community to change your life and build your dreams we change your environment to help you change how you perceive your addiction.  Faith, Mind, Body, and Spirit.    


We Need Your Support Today! We take all donations, Donate a Car, RV if you're not using it Donate it. We have many lives to help so please anything will help us save lives .